Storm8 on pc cracked

Storm8 on pc cracked

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At 05:16 AM,  Colanim said...

I had the kids watch The Book of Eli, after screening it, J'Ames. They really liked it, though some of it was rough for them. However, it helped them to understand how religion can be twisted into a weapon.

At 11:43 PM,  Arilune said...

Hey Guys-does the word "RECIPROCITY" mean anything to anybody? In April 08 the Democrat Senate held an inquisition into McCains eligibility-how can any self respecting Democrat say that Obama shouldnt be held to the same standard? Isnt it FAIR! The Dems love Fairness! How can any self respecting Conservative stay silent on this! (OK so there are none)Additionally think about this tidbit-the Eligibility issue is crucially important because this clown has already appointed two radical justices-what if another spot becomes available-and he isnt nullified? You cant legislate away Justices, If he is impeached-his Justices wont be removed-If he decides not to run or is defeated-his Justices wont be removed-This is the real crisis-we are facing decades of Socialist rulings!!! He must be nullified-before this slimy snake can wriggle away-this is the danger that is hiding in plain sight.

At 12:52 PM,  Drela said...

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Until someone gets a loss of job and death threat.

At 04:02 PM,  Thordibor said...

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