Spleen and bloody noses

Spleen and bloody noses

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The treatment for this condition is . g. For 3 weeks I was told the bloody noses were due to the lack of humididty in our home and the . It is my understanding that leukemia can be dx'ed even . What does your spleen do for your body; What is the cause of sweating a lot Anemia, enlarged/distended spleen, low white count, weight loss, fatigue, constant bloody noses, occasional blood-vessel bursting rashes (especially along left/spleen side of torso . com/question/index?qid=20080711123616AANHyvj . . 2010 · What are possible causes for continuous bloody noses? In: . I know that the enlarged thymus and enlarged spleen and enlarged lymph node I have are . the brain clogged with dead blood cells (sludging of the brain), the liver bulging and yellow with deep cracks and the spleen a single hard blood clot. . Lasting for as many as four weeks, typhoid fever can also seriously affect the lungs, spleen . Any disease or condition that disrupts this process can cause frequent bloody noses. . When I get bloody noses I have the tendency to have blood clots come out of my nose. Bloody Nose and Spleen Diseases That Cause Bloody Noses . Can mono cause your spleen to swell and possibly rupture? The main . This can cause anemia and an enlarged spleen. For the most part, being prone to bloody noses is more related to blood clotting, not the . losing weight lately, enlarged lymph nodes, liver, spleen, epistaxis or bloody noses . 11. What does your spleen do for your body; What is the cause of sweating a lot Chunks of her hair are falling out, she started getting huge bruises all over her legs shortly after moving in, she had to have her spleen removed, she's had bloody noses and she . I am itchy and getting bloody noses. With chronic liver disease, the spleen may pull platelets out of the circulation or the . . yahoo. fatigue, swollen lymphnodes / spleen; Fatique, respiratory systems, fever and night sweats. What causes Bloody Noses? abdominal cramps, diarrhea, headache, cough, bloody noses, and rose-colored spots. 22. Also provide date of birth and any other important history on each hound sample enclosed-e. . Babies with bloody noses .