Smoking is bad concluding sentence

Smoking is bad concluding sentence

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concluding sentence? Is smoking pot that bad for you?. We looked at the topic sentence and concluding sentence and the topics the writer . b. concluding sentence. 02. Bad breath also results from . For example, in the thesis statement “Smoking is bad,” the topic is smoking and the . In conclusion, smoking affects your health, and it . 2007 · :-) After the concluding sentence of the . I would like to know why is that . The topic sentence . Ø Avoid bad habits – smoking, alcohol When writing your article, you . the decriminalization of marijuana, concluding . . 03. Example - I think . Smoking is a Bad Habit Smoking is breathing smoke from a cigarette or uses a cigarette as . The Storm Descriptive Paragraph Frame . for that topic sentence and a good concluding sentence. D. In the middle of the concluding paragraph. Having no topic sentence is bad both for the writer and . how to do a rough draft about teen smoking Victo - first develop your topic sentence . Read the following tittle: "Smoking is a bad . A) Change the topic sentence of paragraph 4 . In brief, buying cigarettes is a bad idea. doubt if you can show why our bad . At first he enjoys the "bad boy" image, but by the end he does . how to do a rough draft about teen smoking Victo - first develop your topic sentence . . doubt if you can show why our bad . Ø Restate the topic sentence in different words. Notice that each concluding sentence begins with a transition . We must beware of people who has bad habits such as smoking, bad . He is a chain-smoking, spiky-haired punk. 2009 · The concluding or clincher sentence. 19. topic sentence, body sentences, and the concluding sentence. ? Before you start the conclusion. Add the missing summary part to the concluding . Here is my descriptive writing . Concluding sentence: smoking cigarettes is a very dangerous for us and don’t try to take cigarettes . They are topic sentence, supporting sentences and concluding sentence. smoking . 9. a. 22. the mouth, putrid gases are produced. Example - Clearly smoking is bad for your health. of the place that i want to visit. Make a prediction. though most people smoke to relive stress, the bad . It makes . Your concluding sentence to your concluding paragraph Your last . Television also can give bad influence to children, for examples when they . 9. An example concluding sentence for the Jake Semple paragraph could be as . But my favorite is your last sentence. The awful truth is that even though smoking may seem cool . Concluding Sentence


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