Pamanku ngentot mertua binal

Pamanku ngentot mertua binal

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At 01:55 PM,  Dagdaath said...

Wow!...It's hard to believe that the pitifully forged BC fooled anyone, not that it would have made him eligible anyway...It wouldn't and didn't....Let's see what happens on May 17th when Corsi drops a bomb on Barry's head.

At 09:43 PM,  Adozar said...

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At 02:36 PM,  Kula said...

Oh she is neck deep in all of his illegal dealings and she's the one who is in the middle east pursueding these leaders to step down-Egypt, Libya, jaming up Israel, and why aren't we in Dafor instead - why no humanitarian aid and protection there? Ethnic cleansing, population control for the NWO?