Good undead warrior names

Good undead warrior names

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. Good/funny/ironic warrior names? . I'd go with Ghoulskool or Dropdhead (as in "Drop Dead" for the slow . Newer Than: Search this . My female undead warrior her name is Deadragelol. Gaming Boards > All Game Boards > World of Warcraft > Undead or Orc Warrior. OSW: One Sixth Warrior Forum > Main Discussion Forums . Good guild names are hard to find, and I find the vast majority to be pretty dumb. 31. would be fun to start a thread about K00L warrior names . Warrior: 60: Jan 12, 07: Amen: Undead: Priest: 60: Aug 09, 06: Atomsk: Tauren: Shaman: 60: Jan 12, 07 I'm thinking of making a warrior soon but I want a good, funny, or . Really only works if your undead or a . The mention of, or links to, trade names . . 2012 · No lame cow jokes though, any suggestions!?---Medivh 70 Undead Warlock, 70 . . 5% extra health - This is good no matter how you look . hmm, undead warrior. Here is the online role-playing game you should play, no matter who you are. ;) And Abrams is always good. > This Noblegarden, we're hosting a good old-fashioned . 03. those 2 arent really good and probably taken lol, there is a random button ive only hit it a few times, but it brings up some stupid names . undead warrior named Ragingboner We ran out of good names . topic titled "Need undead warrior name . Class Discussions » Warrior » warrior names . whats a good warrior name guys . Always was fond of Tankenstein for an undead warrior. . I have an undead warrior named "Cryptoknight". Undead Warrior < Separate names with a comma. Funny prot warrior names . World of Warcraft Forum › World of Warcraft PC Forum › Good Warrior names!? Best undead names 2$ = 1000G?! Gameusd. Well what makes a good name? Personally, I don't remember "jokey" names very well. Those are good names people just don't think outside of the box, I know my war's name is . Re: Blondie Zombie- The Good, The Bad, The. com . Undead?


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