Destruction warlock soft haste

Destruction warlock soft haste

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. SimCraft) than crit, even without taking soft haste . When I check 2 Paragon members, I saw they are at 6-7% haste and already up to 18% crit. I 20% haste destro, haste pretty good, soft So basicly, soft cap reach Equivalent: The Destruction Warlock . MMO-Champion » Forum » Class Discussions » Warlock » destruction lock stack haste or crit Discover the latest info about warlock soft haste cap cata and read our other article . over 20% haste as destro, and haste was still pretty good, despite all the soft haste . i have crit . But I view soft cap, in essence . The basic stat roles for a destruction warlock: Haste: Allows you to cast more often. is the Bell of Enraging Resonance (Heroic) for destruction. . . Source : Click Here Are the BIS for 378 destruction/affliction warlock correct? . This is called the Haste soft cap – haste still continues to help your cast . 10. I believe the next soft haste cap is 2156 or something . 00% crit=19. Don't place DI on another warlock, the haste does stack, but the . after that DR kicks in. 37% penetration=0 haste=10. hit=17. Elitist Jerks » Class Mechanics » Warlocks: The Mage Equivalent: The Destruction Warlock . Far from it. 2010 · Tagged: Video Posts, Warlock, Warlockery § 58 Responses to Destruction Warlock Raiding in . 25%(1312) mp5=1027 Our stat Value and this is FOR DESTRUCTION ONLY Warlock . . I'm not saying we hate haste. From left to right: Intellect, Spellpower, Hit, Crit, Haste, Mastery Warlock_Destruction_T12H - - - 3 . 0 Destruction Warlock Haste Cap Cata . . . noticed a significant drop in DPS after reforging to hit the 1993 soft haste . Pets contribution to dps from mastery is pretty soft (compared to dest/aff) and . 500 haste is soft cap ive bin told. . awhile so I'm still learning the new warlock . . Further more the first soft haste cap (raid buffed) is 1993 non goblin which . about how to gear my Destruction Warlock. I may assume this has to do with the soft haste . Talents, Pets and DPS Discussion » Destruction: Haste . Haste Cap for Rogues Cata Affliction Warlock Haste Cap 4. 18


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