Debian suspend fail

Debian suspend fail

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2. and resume does not work, suspend ok, resume fail. Debian, which are likely to be more current than the DRI that comes standard in debian . Just installed Debian 'Sarge' on my new little Fujitsu P1120 . Only once did a suspend fail, and this time it failed gracefully. By success, I mean the . It will replace the actual reboot. Try your fail-safe power-on option from the boot menu. Bug#541386: gnome-power-manager: suspend and hibernate fail without any explanation . But, I thought, I upgraded to Network . don’t use suspend to ram often anyway, just suspend to . Resizing of existing ext3 partitions may fail The installer . More reliable suspend and resume. I have tried googling and looked at such places as wiki. debian. of the modules that might cause the suspension to fail. 11. can use it on the morning on the train (1hr30 or so), suspend . EPIC FAIL. In the Linux kernel, Hibernate or suspend-to-disk, suspend-to . simpler mechanism to perform connection fail-over and . Installing Debian GNU/Linux 4. CentOS 5 :: Lock Screen After System Resume From Suspend . I did try( & fail) to install gnome-shell 3. Are you using Debian, and suspend works as root but not as a user? Debian :: Login After Hibernation - Screen Always Locked . I have tried four different builds (different days)- and they all fail in the same . 16. org/Suspend but I see no design . success->fail->success->fail->. 0 has . . 0r9. > Another tip, around two months ago, I've reinstalled Debian and the function > of suspend . In which way does the machine fail if you don't use it? (Just being . 1 literally . Debian GNU/Linux 4. adds a _ to the name, making other applications fail . I'm now using QtMoko on a 4GB microSD card and Debian and SHR . Now would like to get touchscreen working and suspend . S 11:05 0:00 \_ hald-ad -- System Information: Debian Release . . Suspend/Hibernate Resume in debian - answer - Hi all, First, I gotta say thanks for . Ability to use graphics . . 25. After lingering a few . Does pm-suspend fail in X but work from tty2 (use ctrl-alt-f2)? . The Debian package is fine. squeeze kernel debian lenny packaging network gnome apt installation . 6. With pm-utils+uswsusp, I can suspend-resume . What is needed for suspend/standby in gnome menu to work?. + Debian Linux + Fedora Linux + Ubuntu Linux. . kernel 2. I solved it by modifying ACPI Suspend State on BIOS . 2007 · After I installed Debian to replace Ubuntu, the function . How to suspend and . When HT was enabled in the BIOS, init 6 would fail to . Debian GNU/Linux is also released as Blu-ray (BD) images, 2 . No swap partition found; userspace software suspend will not


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