Bhen ka raiya

Bhen ka raiya

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. lado_rani: ab bandar kaya ajner adrak ka sawad lado_rani: :D YaMrAj: LADO KOLO LADDU THORRI . guyz who keep pestering girls when they dont want him---obviously he is a kanjar ka . janda eh sapna dekh hi reha honda ha ena nu ek jooti aa ka . . . to sardar bola “mai nu laga koi photo khinch raiya ae A man to Santa: Aao ji chess . gagan maan: mai sara pasa #$%^&* ka dekhliaa $noughty . Kutha Haramzadha, Bhen chor Thank you . . _kAmLi_: kuri ke bhen labde _kAmLi_: tusi _kAmLi_: hein ji . Thakur: Ki puchdi hai? baray koi maa day lun hain,,,bhen chod kutay day putar. suraj nikleya hoya wa, saarey guandee baar hass de ked raiya". Te oh puch rahi hai ki. deepu_paa_ji: hun di gal nahi kar raiya insanejatt: lado vee . prabhleen: ssa sab bhen te bhaiyan nu Poison: ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa--==Punjabi Janta Chatroom . Banta: Thakur Gabbar teri bhen da rap3 ka dita. Sath sri akal Ji


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