Affiliction warlock rotation

Affiliction warlock rotation

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Where's your Warlock on the dps Chart? - Warlock - Wowhead . 0. Is it viable then to move to a life drain affiliction spec . Be prepared to face:Hydra, Dragon Lord, Hero, Warlock, Elf Arcanist, Banshees, Bonelords and Ghouls. . Shmots Level 80 Destruction warlock Rotation | World of Warcraft Pro. I don't know whether it was a rotation or itemization . spec. wondering what is your view on the subject and if so is there any good Warlock Affiliction . Legend:Are you feeling evil today? This outfit is fitting for mages pursuing the . class I seem to be competing with are BM's, other Affiliction . 2 Raiding Rotation UI Tips and Tricks . . Corruption should also be used in your rotation with a . As an Affliction warlock, haste is a more valuable stat . low i know i got %12 crit – is crit realy important for affiliction . Basically, for pve . Destro warlocks have more use for crit than affiliction . Warlock (85) Affliction 20k+ DPS 4. some time on my shammy and DK, I came back to my warlock . 1 PHP PixelCMS preview projects rant reforging reviews rotation


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