Casas reposeidas en adjuntas pr

Casas reposeidas en adjuntas pr

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At 01:06 PM,  Modwyn said...

And in the end, he will just be the troll under the bridge...er, king trollobamasoetoro of the abyss

At 02:29 AM,  Arinrad said...

A complete new faith being pushed on america @ taxpayers expense. patriotactionnetwork,havent heard a out cry by american business's,but did hear about the WTO=No Borders,New Constitution,1 world bank owned by the rothschilds,and CFR bankers,The WTO is setting global control corporate agenda,Now its time to rally for no control of business's with the WTO.

At 12:46 AM,  Fordrekelv said...

Is it me, or have fitness requirements been relaxed in the military?

At 09:38 AM,  Monrad said...

Awesome post Paula!