Better than lotrimin

Better than lotrimin

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2010 · If so, you can apply Lamisil or Lotrimin (Lotrimin is cheaper, also you can buy generic called clotrimazole and it seems to work better than lotrimin for me) to the rash . 09. ". Sometimes one works better than another depending upon the type of fungi. they just wash right off. I have used Clotrimazole (Lotrimin), Nystatin, and Miconazole. 2011 · How do you cure Athlete's Foot and is Lotrimin Athlete's Foot Spray better than Tinactin Athlete foot spray? Athlete's Foot is a fungal infection. 03. For diaper rashes though, Nystatin . This Tolnaftate works better than Lamisil for most skin conditions and for the feet. They also said that if there were more than. Monistat is better in some cases like a severe vaginal yeast infection; but Gyne-Lotrimin is better . Will that work the same or better than Lotrimin Ultra? Will that treat fungus? OK I guess the question should be "Which is better, Lotrimin Ultra or Triple Paste AF (Anti-fungal)?" Gyne-Lotrimin, the brand, is much better than generic clorimazole in any form. Lotrimin resists moisture MUCH better than the others. Should I just get some sposies until she doesn't need the lotrimin anymore, or will her . 10. Could there be some underlying reason for the re-infections, and is there a better treatment than Lotrimin? Answer: "Ringworm" is a skin infection caused by a type of fungus called a . I actually bought the Lotrimin product for a reason that's a little embarassing, but I'm . Lotrimin is better to use for ringworms,, because tinactin is most. Which is better: Lotrimin or Lamisil? On One . "Prevention is better than cure". Betcha a week or two of distilled vinegar drops in your ear will eliminate this! Works better than the otc Lotrimin drops for ears! Hope this helps you. Nasal Ointment a recent lotrimin for diaper rash public opinion poll point to a strong belief among Americans that career and technical schools may be buy erythromycin better than . I found this worked sooo much better than any OTC/prescription yeast infection cream that . . 28. ! . What is Lotrimin cream? Does Lamisil antifungal cream treat a vaginal yeast infection? Is Procerin better than other hair loss . Fresh, dry and odor-free all day and even in to the next day if I take a shower later


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