Say happy birthday answers

Say happy birthday answers

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There are may ways . . Those are the same words you would use to sing the song Happy Birthday in Frenc. How to Say 'Happy Birthday' in Korean Answers How do you say Happy Birthday in Twi? . view more. Content created and posted by italki users is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Be The First To Answer. The words Happy Birthday are used often to express good wishes and thoughts for persons who are celebrating a birthday. How can say 'happy birthday' in Greek? Thanks. ''Ευτυχισμένα γενέθλια'', ''Χρόνια πολλά'' It is just unappropriate to write greek in latin . happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday day dear (someones name) happy birthday to you!. Joyeux Anniversaire is how you say Happy Birthday in French. . ! How do you say Happy Birthday in Spanish? . Separate topics with commas, or by pressing return. view more. How do you say, Happy Birthday, in creole(french)? The KGB Agent answer: Literal translation: bon anniversaire! Birthday wishes? Now theres this girl, her birthdays in the next 30 minutes, i need a reply in atleast 20 please. "Happy Birthday" translates to "Hau`oli Lā Hānau" in Hawaiian. . Use the delete or backspace key to edit or remove existing topics. Don't forget to use the SD Translator if you need to after giving it a shot yourself! How do you say happy birthday to you in mandarin? ni hao Mama, Zhu Ni Sheng ri kuai Le I think ;-) How do you say happy birthday in mandarin chinese? How to say "happy birthday" in Spanish? . | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy Surprise Korean friends or acquaintances with your ability to wish them . © 2012 italki HK Limited. Feliz cumpleaños. ! duHH!. Other people asked questions on various topics, and are still waiting for answer. "Hau`oli" means "Happy, glad, gay, joyful," "Lā" means "Day, date" (as well as "sun, sunny"), and "Hānau


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