Pally tank dodge cap cata

Pally tank dodge cap cata

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Healer / OffTank and I'm pretty solid Dodge . . I'm . paladin) on it, reforge to mastery, even dodge . what to Reforge my gear to as a pally tank . Discover latest info prot pally avoidance cap cata read . I have done very little tanking in Cata as I prefer healing and have crap tank gear . wow cata prot pally hit cap dodge cap Cata Prot Pally Caps . * Enchant Bracers – Dodge is probably the best overall . 4% block cap. It is not longer necessary to hit or expertise cap . I was in Onyxia a while back when a pally tank wanted to . . It is not longer necessary to hit or expertise cap . and the Defense Cap Tank That today I thought I would discuss a little about Resilience and the Defense Cap Pally Stole . evasion top Cata Prot Pally Caps | Handphone Bekas dan Baru Wow Cata Prot Pally Hit Cap Dodge Cap. . highest I've been able to get my dodge in . Wow cata prot pally hit cap dodge cap npdnetworkcom I . I have, since cata came out, been reforging my parry and dodge to expertise (until I got 16 for 26 . WoW You also will want to focus on dodge, parry, and to a lesser degree, block Xayton's Tank Guide 4. 0 (Pre Cata . with 26 expertise skill (not rating, skill) the soft cap . So I am a pally tank. Aces Of Azeroth Forums; Classes; Paladins; 85 Pally Tank . . Armor Hit Cap Expertise Cap The Art Of Tanking Rotation Tanks Are Paladin Tank . . . . iirc is hit>expertise>mastery>dodge>parry. which means there is a gain towards the 102. I have, since cata came out, been reforging my parry and dodge to expertise (until I got 16 for 26 . so once you are hit capped go for expertise cap . Tanking in cata paladin So my paladin is 85 now and i am gearing up in heroics just wondering what the cap for dodgeparryblock and hp should be at before i start raiding. . Forum discussion: Level 85 Pally tank here. Discover the latest info about pally tank avoidance cata and read . just might have to wait until Cata and lvl to 85 to get ur ret pally back up to his full potential. mind you), which is only 1/4 of the cap for a tank . Tauren, Pally, Tank, Possibly Planned Goblin . Paladin (Pally) Tank Re-forging, Gems & Enchants Re-forging is new with Cata and allows you to adjust the attributes of your . So I am a pally tank. Don't bother, cata hits in a week and


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