28 weeks brown spotting

28 weeks brown spotting

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I lost a daughter at 20 weeks in 2009 and am almost 28 weeks thanks to an . On Wednesday night I had the blood in my urine. Vaginal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy; Your pregnancy: 28 weeks; Your pregnancy: 38 weeks I am about 13 weeks, and today I noticed brown dishcarge after going to . blood being pushed out, with my 1st pregnancy which ended in mc at 10 weeks I didn't have any brown spotting . I had brown spotting at 16 weeks and went in for an U/S and discovered that I had a placenta previa. Today the nurse originally told the receptionist to . DS DOB 9/28 . probably nothing but it is better to let your doctor know about it. Pass a Note! Posted 03/28/2010 I had a missed miscarriage, where I had brown spotting at 8 weeks (for about 5 days) and then . brown spotting 13 weeks . Today, I am 15 weeks along. Brown spotting at 8 weeks !! ??: Hi all, I am kinda worried because I woke up this morning and when . Answers for 28 Weeks Pregnant Brown. Well the brown spotting was what I was wondering about. Hi Everyone!I will be 28 weeks tomorrow, and have been experiencing brown spotting off and on through out my whole pregnancy, but last night i noticed pink spott I'm almost 28 weeks. Hello September Mommies! I am 28 years old and expecting my first baby September 16th. I have had brown staining my entire pregnancy on and off and I am now at 28 weeks. 8 weeks and brown spotting . Vaginal spotting, bleeding, discharge or pain. I will be married 2 years this June. May 7th, 2011, 04:28 AM #3 . . Feb 28, 2011 39 weeks and brown spotting: I'm 39 weeks today! I woke up noticing some brown spotting however after speaking with my OBGYN she told me it's probably from my exam yesterday. . 20 weeks with cerclage and brown spotting . Is vaginal discharge, bleeding or pain normal during pregnancy? What are common treatments


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