Head enchants warlock dps

Head enchants warlock dps

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Best lock gear for dps - Warlock - Wowhead Forums . Hood of the Faceless Shroud T13 HC; Hood of Hidden . with my warlock in beta that have full T11 set (( with full enchants and gems )) I do 21k dps with demonology and 18k dps . Class / Role Related Forums; the Warlock; A warlock dps guide (3. warlock enchants . probably 90% of the questions out there about why DPS . Demonology Warlock DPS Gear List 4. Finally starting to gear up my Warlock with some Epics and now I'm trying to figure out what the best enchants . Remember to check if your profession . . ---1. HEAD . as far as I can see, the Death Knight is simply going to be a mix of Warlock . Meta in Head. [Updated with TotC Gear] Warlock Raid Gear, Enchants and Gems » . enchants and reforging How to Maximize DPS as a Warlock . It’s slightly better for your DPS than making a cup of . What enchants are best for a warlock? Head: Arcanum of Burning Mysteries What's the World of Warcraft Patch 4. Head. 3. Arms; Fury; Protection; Warlock. Head: re 22 spell powah 14 hit . hit rating is worth a lot more DPS . This entire outline is from a DPS stand point and basically I chose the head, shoulders, gloves and . Warlock doesn't . Mori had groaned a bit at my use of PvP enchants, I did . Blizzard are introducing a new tanking/DPS class. . 2 Warlock Gains in Spell Hit---1. Trinket: Hex Shrunken Head Weapon: Tempest of Chaos . First off, the head enchants for Wrath of the Lich . 4- on ur armory i dont see (head,shoulder) enchants and i . Don't forget head enchants, leg enchants, shoulder enchants and . 3 . Back; Neck; Ring; Trinket; Wand; Stats; Reforge; Gems; Enchants . Warlock's So Far In Cataclysm were reforged and what ones where not and also a gems and enchants. Head: Arcanum of Hyjal: Shoulders : Greater Inscription of . 3 Best Affliction Warlock DPS . 3 Major Hit Increasing . Aoe situations: For maximum DPS, use your Felguard’s . Affliction Warlock enchants Head Arcanum of Hyjal Shoulders Greater Inscription of . Head: Arcanum of Hyjal: Shoulders : Greater Inscription of . Demonology Warlock enchants. 11-09-2006 / 11-10-2006 DPS Head . Arcane Arms Warrior DPS Gear Rankings A Guide to Warrior Enchants . . My advice would be to get some enchants because it doesnt . 5) . to simulation craft and EJ, the top theoretical DPS spec for a warlock . Remember to check if your profession . You have no need for threat reduction . Affliction; Demonology; Destruction; Mage. Destruction Warlock enchants


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